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Little Steps Make A Big Difference For Ossining

By November 21, 2019January 22nd, 2020Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing

Towns and cities throughout the Hudson Valley are undergoing efforts to rebrand themselves. These communities share similar histories and characteristics. Many face the same issues, such as encouraging a downtown revitalization and building a vibrant local economy in order to attract new residents and businesses.

As the Hudson Valley continues to thrive, communities looking to stand out will have to position themselves as a place that people want to live, work and visit. Cities and Villages with vibrant downtowns are winning the economic development game, but where do you start if Main Street in your community leaves a lot to be desired? Ossining started small.

We were hired to create a code awareness and anti-littering campaign for the Village of Ossining. The campaign was created to help the Ossining community (businesses, property owners and residents) understand, embrace and follow updated Village codes that strive to create a cleaner, safer, more vibrant and welcoming community.

Campaign Creation

The Little Big Picture campaign centers on the core message that tiny actions lead to big results. Ossining residents and business owners need to keep downtown streets and businesses clean through proper trash management and abiding by property maintenance codes. These tiny actions are necessary to clean up the community and will help contribute to the bigger picture by creating a cleaner, safer and more vibrant village. The campaign visually brings this idea to life through photographs of miniature figures following code and promoting anti-littering efforts.


The campaign was promoted with out of home advertising; lamppost banners and garbage can wraps with campaign messaging were added up and down Main Street. Paid social media advertising provided an avenue for increasing awareness of the campaign directly to the target audience.

Website Design & Development

A website was created to hold all the anti-littering and code-awareness information for the campaign. The site is a resource for local businesses and residents. All marketing efforts push to the site, making it easy to see which initiatives are working best. Visitors to the site can take a pledge to show their support for the campaign, serving as another measurement tool and an opportunity to collect email addresses.

Video Production

The campaign incorporates testimonials from Ossining business owners and residents speaking to the importance of code awareness and anti-littering efforts to ensure the vibrancy of Ossining at large. The video lives on the campaign website and has been promoted via social, telling the campaign story directly to the target audience.

Public Relations

An official Kick-Off event was held to launch the campaign. The Ossining Mayor and Village Officials spoke on the importance of the campaign’s messaging and the positive effect it will have on economic development and creating a vibrant and desirable downtown.

Social Media Management

A combination of inspirational quotes, littering facts, testimonials and useful tips were used for social media content. Graphics were created for each post to reinforce messaging and increase engagement.

Graphic Design

A Business & Property Owner Brochure was created that explained codes and responsibilities in an easily digestible way. Brochure copy was presented in English and Spanish. Signage was created to promote the campaign at community events.

The campaign has delivered a steady number of visitors to the campaign website, continues to engage residents on social media and has educated the public on the positive effect anti-littering and code awareness efforts can have on a community. This tiny campaign has proved to be a big success for the Village of Ossining.